February 23rd, 2014

lost girl

This Is My Brain On Angel. And Lost Girl.

Last night, I picked out something to put on in the background while I Tumblred - (what? It’s a verb!). I felt like some Angel and season 5 is my favorite, so that’s the route I went. (The first episode of Angel I ever saw was a s5 and when I actually started watching the show from the beginning, I was like, “Wait…where’s the boardroom? Where’s Ghost!Spike? Where’s the hot lawyer guy?!” But then, I watched s1 and got really into Doyle and didn’t want to watch after his whole thing, except I knew if I stuck with it, I’d get back to that awesome season that I had thought was the show all along, and of course, obviously, I am very glad I did). Anyways, I did NOT get anything productive done on the internet because the disc I picked started with a Lorne episode. From Lorne’s Awesome Fabulous Halloween Extravaganza to Angel & The Mailroom Guy Fight Monsters to Wesley’s Dad Is A Robot to Angel & Spike And The Quest For The Mountain Dew. I can’t look away during any of those episodes, okay!

S5 reminded me of how very much I friend-ship Spike and Gunn though. (or, Charlie, as Spike calls him). I always wanted a good fic about the two of them off on a roadtrip-quest of some kind. Which reminded me of how my sister says someone needs to write a Lost Girl fic about Hale & Kenzi off on a roadtrip-quest, but then when Vex came along I very much wanted Vex in the backseat of the car for that. I actually really friend-ship the hell out of Kenzi and Vex and I want both that Angel-fic and that Lost Girl-fic and one that is a crossover where they all meet up on the road. And maybe one where Spike & Gunn stop off to visit Aidan, Josh and Sally and get into trouble with those idiots.

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I don’t know if that’s a fanfic idea or what I really want to have happen on the show. But there you go, that’s all the things I was thinking about while falling asleep last night.