March 17th, 2014

holiday 2

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

I'm a little sad I didn't have to get dressed today, since it's the one day a year I have an excuse to wear my green Hurley shirt. I bought it back in the days of 'Lost', simply because it said 'Hurley' on it and I love him, but also green is a good color for me and it was a super cute skater-style shirt, so obviously I love it. But I've had it for years - (well, since the early Lost days, which has been awhile now) - and it was thin material even then. Now the bottom of the shirt rolls up with every wash and has to be ironed out and the material can only take so much more. So a few years back I retired it, but held on it to out of sentimentality. And then St. Patrick's Day rolled around and I realized I don't really have anything else that has green on it. I have one long-sleeved green shirt but I don't really wear long-sleeved shirts anymore because I get warm too easily. But then I remembered my Hurley shirt and dug it out and have now decided it will be my traditional St. Patrick's Day article of green!

Of course, it seemed ridiculous to get dressed just to wear my awesome shirt, especially since I have to get dressed tomorrow for therapy and on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment. I figured I'd be pushing my luck with spoons to get dressed today as well. Instead I put green barrettes in my hair. My family's Irish; there is no excuse for not wearing green, not even, "But I just stayed in my pjs today!".

Anyways, I hope you all had safe and fun St. Patrick's Days. Probably it was mostly like every other day, but there were a lot of green shirts around your offices and whatnot. Hopefully no one got pinched - (it is a barbaric practice!).

Have this St. Patty's Day card I made, featuring my favorite leprechauns hobbits.

ST Patty LOTR Brave And True-dodger