May 13th, 2014


LJ Anniversary Fun!

Time to put up the answers you guys gave me for my anniversary meme!

What are 5 things you associate with me? Can be a book, movie, character, person, place, memory, animal, food, plant, anything!

You all left such wonderful answers! I'm totally serious, you made me cry, I'm not even gonna front. I didn't expect such in-depth responses or so much variety in what you all associate with me. I've just put up the simple, single word answers here, but I highly encourage you all to go to the actual post and see the fantastic, descriptive responses I got from everybody. It made me super happy! So, here are your answers!

vikingprincess said: Goofy/awesome conversations, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Shows we squee about, Awesome surprises in the mail & Beta reading.

rockstarpeach said: Hobbits, Hyper-organization, Dean/Cas, South Park & NKOTB.

denig37 said: Geek, K and the physiotherapy stories, The Nephew, BFF/Sis & Strength.

ceitfianna said: Supernatural, Kitties!, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbits, Fandom & Michigan/94. And (because she answered on Tumblr too!) Supernatural, Dean and Castiel, Lord of the Rings, Kitties! & Fanfic.

matchboximpala said: Family love, Cat shenanigans, Fun times at therapy, Detroit Tigers & Hobbitses!.

wolfrider89 said: X-Men, Psych, Cas, Michigan & LJ.

ranua said: Hobbits, Chloe from Smallville, Fanfic, Asterisk actions in text & Friendship.

What a fun meme! I loved seeing all the different answers, so many different things, fandom and non-fandom, as well as all the things you guys said that were the same. Like, I am super squeeful to see how many of you said 'Hobbits' in regards to me. That makes me grin! This is definitely a great meme to play with! Thanks, everybody, for helping me celebrate my LJ anniversary!!!

Now onto Year 5!