May 21st, 2014


Special Days!

Today is The Canadian Brother's 40th birthday! That seems so bizarre, because to me he will always be like 19 years old, which was how old he was the day he got on a bus to New York City. He wanted to try to make it as a musician. He didn't know anybody there, he didn't have a place to stay or a job lined up - he just packed a duffel, his favorite quilt and his guitar and got on a Greyhound and went to NY. My mom cried hysterically when he left, but I looked up to him for being so bold. He never did quite make the music thing work out, but he did some small musical work there and helped a few indie artists produce some albums. Then he met his wife and now he lives in Quebec with her and their two kids and a dog. I was going to send him this candy gift basket of nostalgic 80s candy - (he loved Atomic Fireballs when we were kids) - but unfortunately food can't ship internationally, so no go there.

Today would also have been Grandma and Grandpa's 71st wedding anniversary. My grandpa was like 22 or 23 and my grandmother was 17 and a senior in high school when they were dating. Grandpa was stationed up at Lake Superior in the Navy, while Grandma lived in Southern Michigan. So whenever Grandpa had weekend leave, he would hitchhike down state with truckers and the like, get there in time to take Grandma on a date and then turn around and hitchhike back again before his leave was up. Grandma turned 18 on May 3 and three weeks later she graduated high school. The very next day, they got married. Grandpa hitched down, took her to dinner, then they went to the Justice of the Peace's house and asked him to marry them. The Justice performed the ceremony in his own living room, his wife played the organ and then they opened a bottle of champagne and toasted to the newlyweds, before Grandpa had to drop Grandma back at her father's house - (where she continued to live for some time) - and hitchhike back up north to the base in time to ship out.

And that's how my grandparents got married. Old time romance stories - there's just nothing like them.