June 19th, 2014

80s movies

I Am Accomplished!

I HAVE CAUGHT UP ON THE INTERNET!! Or, well, the parts of the internet I actually care about.

I’ve been so less active since I initially got sick with the bronchitis, last fall. My post count has been way down. I am always a month behind on my Flist. I very rarely post fic. I very rarely write fic. My comments kept stacking up. And my Tumblr folder got up over 600. I just didn’t have it in me to keep up with anything.

But my energy levels have finally started to come back! They are still low - 3 or so hours a day - but they are stable, not this drastic up and down thing they were doing. And that has been very helpful in planning what I am going to get through each day. Hell, this week I caught up on the internet and put away my clothes, straightened up my room and dealt with all my bills. I am slowly starting to post more. I am finally caught up on my Flist and my inbox. I have a story to go up sometime this weekend. And I have written 6,300 words since the end of May! Also, my Tumblr folder is down to 400.

I feel so accomplished and like a real person again. And the writing thing has been glorious. For the last few years I have had ‘weekly’ writing goals, in an effort to keep the juices flowing because my biggest issue is just making myself sit down and get started. Forcing myself to write at least a little bit each week has really helped me conquer that. And in the past two years I have missed maybe 3 or 4 weeks of my goal. But this year I just couldn’t keep at it. I was going for 1k a week, not too strenuous, but I had one week where I was so sick from the bronchitis and I told myself, “Skip a week. Let it go. Take of care of yourself.” And 1 week turned into 2, turned into 3, and then the end of the month rolled around and I was all, “Oops. Well, if I can’t meet the weekly goal of 1k, maybe I can meet a monthly goal of 4k.” So I did. And then the next month, same thing, waited until the end of the month and had to push out all the words at once. I wrote at the end of March and then suddenly, somehow, it was the end of May and I was like, “I haven’t written this month, let me pull up my writing folder...holy shit, I didn’t write at all in April!” Idek where April went. It’d been almost 8 weeks. No wonder I felt so out of sorts.

So I sat down on May 31 and started a birthday fic for my sister - (a Hobbit AU!) - and then I just kept going and I actually finished it - (in time for her birthday!) - and then wrote 600 words of Avengers fic for The Nephew. I’m back on the weekly word goals - (haven’t met this week’s yet though, eep) - and ready to start posting fic again and feeling so much more like myself. I don’t think I am ever going to get my energy levels back to anywhere near where I was before, but I’ll take stability over quantity any day.

Now I just have to get around to tackling the dreaded email inbox! I go forth with bravery.