June 23rd, 2014



I didn't post my story this weekend because I got sunburned, like bad. It happened on Saturday, which other than the sunburn and the exhausting day, was actually quite nice. The Nephew needed a ride to baseball practice and then we stayed for his game and afterwards he 'took' my sister to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 for her birthday. (meaning, she drove and I paid). The BFF came with us and it was five hours of fun time with The Nephew. When he was about 4, my sister had him at Target and he picked up HTTYD and told us that movie was really good. Now at that age it was kind of a crapshoot with him on whether a movie he calls 'good' would be too cheesy for us to watch. So for a long time it was a big source of pride with him that we loved HTTYD so much and that we watched it multiple times. So when he found out the sequel was coming out the weekend of my sister's birthday, he was all, "That's what we should do for her birthday!" So we did.

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I did cool water soaking all day yesterday and got some cool-down spray that my brother recommended, (his wife uses it cuz she burns bad). I also turned the fan on last night and slept with my arm outside the covers and kept a spray bottle of water next to my bed to keep moistening the skin throughout the night. And I've been drinking lots of water and Gatorade and taking Ibuprofen. The swelling has gone down about halfway and I am actually able to type this out without screaming pain, so that's good, but I am still radiating heat like woah. Yeah, I screwed up good. Sun lotion from now on!