August 14th, 2014


The State Of My Union.

I was so sad to hear about Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall passing away this week. Lauren Bacall was a classy lady and I was so sorry to see her go. Robin Williams' death was just a shock and a tragedy. My dad was a huge fan of his when I was growing up. He was so delighted when we got cable and he discovered Nick At Nite had reruns of Mork and Mindy. My dad suffers from a lot of mental health issues as well and I always wondered if he saw some of himself in Robin. It was a sad week of losses, for sure.

So, let's talk about the rest of my week.

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Today I spent relaxing and catching up on TV (So You Think You Can Dance) and reading my book (the Orange is the New Black memoirs.) Tomorrow more therapy and The BFF.

How were all of your weeks?