September 7th, 2014


My Tivo Is Getting Jealous.

If you have the Netflix app, you will notice how when you sign in, it will say right at the top..."Continue Watching"...and have your most recent watched things available for you to just click on. Like if you stop a movie halfway through and want to finish it later or if you are watching a TV series, it will load up the next episode for you so you don't lose your place. So, unless it's a movie that you watch all the way to the credits, your most recently watched shows will be right there for you to keep going. Which is nifty. It also means that my sister and I can see what the other one has been watching, since we never divided our accounts. A month ago, I went scrolling through the things it back-holds, just curiously, to see what was there.

Here's what we were watching a month ago on Netflix:

Raising Hope, Queer As Folk, Ultimate Spiderman, Scrubs, Orange Is The New Black, What Not To Wear, Law & Order: SVU, The Boondocks, Confessions: Animal Hoarding & Lilyhammer.

I was looking through it again last week, looking for the SVU to let run while I was falling asleep - (this may have something to do with some of the odd dreams I have, huh?) - so here is what we are watching on Netflix now:

Numb3rs, Queer As Folk, Parks and Recreation, Parenthood, Malcolm In The Middle, House MD, Law & Order: SVU & Call The Midwife.

Basically, what I'm saying here, is I love streaming TV on Netflix. Netflix is amazing.