September 30th, 2014

chuck shurley

Writing Is Hard, Yo.

I forgot it was Tuesday and I like to try and post every Tuesday, but I am currently pretty wiped from doing some organizing and cleaning in my room today. Which needed to be done - (the cleaning in particular as I spilled Sprite all over my bedside table last night and it got on my remotes and stuff). But on top of the cleaning, I also managed to get some writing in today - only 450 words, but still, some words. I also updated my monthly word count sheet. I know, I used to post an update every month with my weekly numbers, but since I fell off the writing so hard earlier this year from being sick with the bronchitis and the dizzy spells, I also kind of fell off keeping weekly counts. I do have monthly counts though and sadly I am not even reaching my goal of 4k a month, at least on average. I haven’t even broken 50k yet and I’ll be lucky to do so by the end of the year. After last year’s 100k, this is depressing to me.

I know we all have on-years and off-years in our writing and I have done some other great stuff this year - a few art pieces and a massive room organization that has been waiting on me since we moved into this house - plus the illness and the sick animals and losing my grandfather and all the other stresses of the year have really dried out my muse, but hopefully she’ll rehydrate soon.

Alright, off to finish the movie I am watching - the Matthew Broderick ‘Godzilla’ because The Nephew bought it for a dollar with his own money and then loaned it to me and he has been waiting on me to watch it so we can talk about it and about whether it is better than the one we took him to for his birthday this year. I am assessing that it is, in fact, better than the crappy new release, which was way boring and dragged on too long, imo. This one could be a smidge shorter, but it is action packed and they waste no time in getting it going. I can see why he likes this one better. Nothing will ever be the classic original though!