October 21st, 2014


Welcome To The 21st Century!

So, my mom did go ahead and give up her car. And I am really, really glad she did, for everyone's safety. But she has been driving me nuts ever since. With her health, she doesn’t have the energy to walk very far. So while she does occasionally walk to the bus stop, mostly she has been homebound. In the same way that I only go places if someone drives me. (I call it 80% homebound). And my mother is not in the 21st century, so she doesn’t know how to use technology to expand her walls, like I do. Which means that she has been calling 8 times a day - ‘I just heard a nice quote’, ‘I just saw a funny video’, ‘I just watched a movie, let me tell everything about it’. Also, because we live a block from her, she can easily walk to our house. She’s been stopping by. Every. Single. Day.

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Today I spent 2 hours giving her a basic tutorial. She couldn’t figure out things like how to get out of an app once she was finished in it or how to get back to her home screen or how to make capital letters on the screen-board. So, a very basic tutorial. But I think this is going to be life-changing for her. It was for me. I wouldn’t have made it through the terrible artic winter we had last year if it hadn’t been for my IPad. Of course, after a 2 hour tutoring session today, my throat is worse than ever. It went from simply ‘raw’ to ‘swollen/raw/hard to swallow’. The Sister was home sick again today, as well. Ugh that, man.