November 5th, 2014


Main Character Meme!

This one was going around on the Tumblr, so I thought I'd give it a go.

You are now the main character in the last book that you read. Who are you?

If we are talking the last book I finished, then I am Cath Avery from Fangirl. I’m cool with that. I mean, I’m definitely a fangirl and I was certainly as awkward as Cath was when I was her age - ages and ages ago. But if we are talking current books I am reading, then I am Piper Kerman. Not Piper Chapman though - the real Piper is far less annoying, thank you very much. I don’t think they even make those prison clothes in my size - they’ll have to borrow from juvie hall - but I’m relatively okay with this answer too. Fun meme - now you guys go!

ION, I am headed to Chicago this weekend! The BFF, Sis and myself and we are going to meet up with hiyacynth and Munchy P, my sister's college roommate and her little girls and dugindeep at various times and places. Grab some dinner, maybe hit a park, Saturday at the aquarium. I've never been to the Shedd Aquarium before and the hotel we are staying at is right within like half a mile of Shedd, so lots of things to do around there, we never have to leave the mile radius. I was trying to make it simple for us, a light easy weekend. We'll get there on Friday afternoon and leave on Sunday morning, just a little weekend visit. I am excited to see some of my girls, man! Sadly, then on Monday I have PT and a university doctor's appointment on Wednesday, so between those and trip-recovery, I'll probably be down and out next week. But it'll be worth it! We almost didn't get to go this year for our Chicago fangirl visit, so I'm psyched it all worked out!