November 11th, 2014

band of brothers

How A Navy Man Woos His Lady.

I am home from Chicago! And I had a really good time, despite things not ending up hardly at all like expected. But I’ll save that for a different day. Today is Veterans’ Day and that always makes me think of my grandfather, so I wanted to share a story about him.

He used to tell this story about being on base in the Navy and there was a particular supply run that had to be made regularly, up a ways near a lake. So my grandmother was visiting him and he got assigned to this run and she thought, “Well, that’ll be a whole day I don’t get to see him then.” But it turns out his CO did it on purpose because even though only military personnel were suppose to be allowed in the trucks, it was widely known that the fellas often slipped their ladies along on this particular trip. So they packed a nice luncheon and made the several hours drive up there - my grandma ducking down onto the floor at every checkpoint. They made it up, Grandpa did his deliveries and then they had a pleasant afternoon, lunching and resting on the lakeshore. Then they picked up the supplies for the return run and they headed back - Grandma ducking down again at every checkpoint. It was a wonderful romantic day for the two of them, paid for by the US Navy, unbeknownst to them, of course. Apparently that’s how you wooed a lady back in the day! My grandma being who she is, thought this was the best romantic adventure ever - no problem to her that she had to hide on the floor every once in awhile!

Since the state was closed today for the holiday, my sister decided to take Dad some lunch. She said that she gets Veterans’ Day off to celebrate the veterans, the least she could do is take one lunch. I did not go because I had PT yesterday and University doctor tomorrow and that would have been way too much for me. Good thing too, that I didn’t bother to get up and dressed, since Dad slept through her whole visit. (and apparently his appointment he had later in the day as well). It was a nice gesture though and she left him his food on the table.

Happy Veterans’ Day to all of your loved ones who have or are currently serving in the military!