January 6th, 2015


Pig In A Post Day!

Today is Tuesday, so I’m making a post. I’m going to try to keep up this ‘Pig In A Post’ thing, where I make a post every Tuesday, as it helps me keep on my journaling. And also it is a clever name, shut up!

So, today at my counseling session this conversation occurred…
Therapist: You need a passage to recite during an anxiety spike, something you can focus on repeating and distract yourself. It can be anything, even a passage from your favorite fic.
Me: Oh. There is a passage in Asunder that I’ve read like 100 times. I should pull that up.
Th: Which fic is this?
Me: Asunder by rageprufrock? It’s my favorite fic ever. Have you read this one?
Th: Oh. My. God. I love Asunder. I will read anything by Pru. Even fandoms I’m not in. If she wrote it, I’ll read it. ... ... But I can’t even focus on Dean/Cas right now because the latest Hobbit movie came out and I am overcome with Bagginshield feelings. I need all the Bagginshield fic!

So when I told my sister all of this, she said…“Okay, that’s it. You need to find someone new to talk about your anxiety with. You find someone else to talk about your feelings with, so she can come over to our house and let me scream about my feelings. I have a lot of feelings!”

Like the last 15 minutes of my session was spent talking about fandom stuff, completely unrelated to my anxiety. When my sister came in the room to get me, I was in the middle of telling my therapist all about The Flash, in comparison to Arrow, which she watches. And my sister is now convinced that I don’t actually do anything in my sessions but talk about fannish stuff. Oh man, I wish! I swear, we spent a long time talking about my parents first and she gave me homework and stuff. I swear!