January 22nd, 2015


Keep Rolling On.

I had some other posts I was going to make today, but I kind of feel too meh to go there. Instead I am going to talk about my 89 year old Grandma, with a heart condition, and how her cardiologist said, "Absolutely not," to her having a biopsy done and yet she is having it done anyways.

Basically she has leaky heart valves and her cardio has always said that the risk of surgery at her age outweighs the risk of the heart problem, so they've done nothing. But now she has a 'womanly area' cyst and they want to do a biopsy. Grandma had cancer about 20 years ago and kicked its ass and since then has remained in fairly good health. She is 89, still drives herself, runs all her own errands, lives alone and is still in a good mental place. She still goes to the great-grandkids' sports events, family BBQs, holiday events and all. It's quality of life, not quantity of life, I know that - but her quality is still really high, I think. She is still a go-getter. And I know it has been hard for her without Grandpa, but Grandma is tough as nails and we still want her to stick around for awhile longer. So when her cardio says "NO," to a procedure and then her other doctor basically talks her cardio into it - idek. Because in the end, if it does turn out to be cancer, will her heart be strong enough for treatment? And if not, then why even risk the biopsy at all? IDK and neither does Grandma, because she won't ask the doctors any questions, 'They know best,' is Grandma's way of thinking and she doesn't want to 'bother anyone' with a bunch of questions. Look, even if you end up going with whatever the doctor recommends, you should be informed! Your body is like your car, except if you lived in your car 24/7 and could feel everything it feels. Your body is KITT from Night Rider. Take care of KITT. At least ask the mechanic some damn questions!

The biopsy is tomorrow. We called her tonight and told her good luck. Now it's just a matter of waiting. The cardiologist's extreme reluctance and her age all make me worry. So, rub your lucky stones, send out some positive vibes, turn around three times and spit...whatever you do for good wishes Grandma's way. She's the last remaining of my grandparents and I would hate to see her go just yet.