January 25th, 2015


Everyone Thinks They Are A Comedian.

Thank you to everyone for your well-wishes for my Grandma. She made it through just fine, spent one night in the hospital and was released with the agreement that my uncle would stay with her for a few days.. It turned out not to be a biopsy at all, but rather a full-on surgery. They removed both her ovaries. She consented without even knowing what they were doing. The night before she told my sister, “Oh honey, I don’t even know what this thing is they are doing tomorrow.” /shakes head/ Thankfully it all went well.

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ION, yesterday was K’s 50th birthday, so at the clinic on Friday they had decorated with black streamers and black balloons everywhere and everyone was wearing black. I was told ahead of time to wear all black and I noticed almost all of the patients there - except for 2 teenagers - were all dressed in black as well. Apparently it wasn’t just a employee wide joke, they had spread the word to all their patients too! Of course, K didn’t know they were doing this and chose that day to wear his bright pink shirt, so he was like a stab of color amongst all the black decorations and clothing. After he left work, they cut down all the black balloons and stuffed them in his office for him to find on Monday. Also they gave me a piece of his birthday cake to eat. It was called Better Than Sex and omg, this is what I want for my birthday this year. It was chocolate cake with caramel and filling injected into it and it was all soggy and delicious and omg, my eyes literally rolled back in my head. One of the new aides asked why I got a piece of cake even though I don’t work there - (I think he was trying to hoard it all for himself!) - and he was told, “She’s our favorite, she gets whatever she wants.’ Ha!

That is all.