January 30th, 2015


Words Written - 2014.

So, now that it is the end of the first month of 2015, how about I put up my word counts for 2014? lol I stopped putting up my monthly counts last year just because I was so sick at the beginning of the year, but I continued to keep track of what I was writing, if not weekly, at least throughout the month. So, here it all is!

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Just a few things to point out…

16 Fandoms written in.
3 New Fandoms this year - Agents of Shield, Power Pack Kids & Roller Team.
Top 3 Most Written in Fandoms were The Hobbit, The Avengers & CW RPS.
My Least Written in Fandom was Hawaii Five-O.
My Lowest Monthly Word Count was 0 words in April.
My Highest Monthly Word Count was 15,350 words in December.
Finished 2 major WIPs that had been languishing for more than a year - the Jeff/Jensen & Jared/Misha fics.
Wrote my first Tim/Raylan and Kirk/McCoy fics ever.
Wrote 4 Fic-For-Kids.
Completed 21 stories this year. 12 of those were done in December.
53,300 words written in 2014!!

Now, onto 2015, wherein I am determined to finish that fucking Sterek AU! And maybe write that Hunger Games Primrose fic I finally figured out an outline for.