February 11th, 2015



Jon Stewart is retiring. I can’t…just no. This’ll be his last year at The Daily Show. I am so sad. Bad enough I lost Craig Ferguson this year. I feel like I just found out one of my best friends is moving to Australia. I mean, sure, I’ll see him once every five years or something, for a quick evening, but he’s not coming to my house for dinner four nights a week anymore. It really does feel like losing a friend. Sometimes being a fangirl sucks - I get too attached, dammit!

Also, two nights ago I had to get up to pee like 6 times and I could not get comfortable. I was already going to the doctor’s yesterday, so I had them check for a UTI and yep, got one of those. Ugh. I feel so drained. It’s just a stupid little infection, but it makes me feel so spoonless. The last time I had a UTI, I passed out on the toilet and ended up in the hospital. So obvs, now I am all anxious about it, every time I go to the bathroom, I’m all, “Please don’t wake up on the floor, please don’t wake up on the floor.” And I have to take an antibiotic, which I am deathly allergic to like 80% of the ones out there, so even though I am sure this one will be okay, it makes me anxious. I hate even the possibility of death-allergies.

Tomorrow I have to go to the eye doctor, which, with drive time, is like a 5 hour day. So that’s going to suck. The BFF did 2 tarot readings on me yesterday, to practice her skills, and basically what we came away with was, ‘This week is going to blow and be a downer and just try not to be your own worst enemy and it’ll get better by the weekend.’ Which, yep, I will be my own worst enemy by getting all worked up about the chance of passing out, being terrified of the toilet, and afraid to take the medicine that will make me better. Boo all of that.

In funnier news, I tried to text my sister to ‘bring me some cran juice’ and it autocorrected it to, ‘bring me some dean juice.’ The BFF said that is probably not the thing to make a UTI better. lol So now I am just trying to relax as much as I can and make it through to Friday - cuz Galentine’s Day will be awesome! We are going to eat waffles for dinner in Leslie Knope’s honor.

That is all.