February 17th, 2015


These Kids, Man.

So, yesterday I get a phone call from Little Girl Cousin wanting to know if she could borrow a dress. She came over to look through my closet and I asked what she needed it for. She has to do a presentation for History Class about a great historical woman. She picked Mary Seacole, who was a Jamaican born woman in the 1800s of Scottish and Creole descent. During the Crimea Wars, she tried to register to volunteer as a nurse, but was refused. Determined, she set up a ‘hotel’ behind the war lines that provided food and beds to the sick and treatment for the wounded. Anyways, I showed LGC several dresses and we decided on the brown and pink one. It is actually from the girl’s section, so looser fitting which is both more age appropriate - (she is ten now!) - and time period appropriate for her character. Soft, cotton, brown, flowing dress, with pink collar and a pink bow and a scoop neck. Because of the scoop neck and the loose fit, I also loaned her a white long-sleeve undershirt and a pair of black tights. I told her to keep in mind that for about the next two years, we would be roughly the same size and she could borrow anything she wants. Probably until high school and then she’ll be way too tall for my clothes. I got all excited thinking that she might wear one of my dresses to her first school dance or something.

Also, The Canadian Nephew has been having some stress because, as he is bilingual with English and French, his sister told him that they were not suppose to speak English at daycare. So the kid is all scared to talk at daycare now, because he always switches between languages when talking and is he afraid he might get in trouble. One of his little daycare friends - whose family is also bilingual and who speak English at home - invited TCN to his birthday party. This is TCN’s first birthday party invite - (he is 3 ½ now) - and I guess he was a bit confused about the language thing, because he was told this family speaks English at home, but this kid is from his daycare, where his sister has convinced him they are never to speak English at all. So the night before the party, my brother hears TCN crying out in his sleep and he goes in the room to find the little guy yelling out, “No! No! I only speak English!” Omg, my little dude was having a stress dream. I wish they lived closer, I need to give him a hug!

That is all.