March 2nd, 2015


Geek Out!

So, apparently this weekend was Gaming Weekend around my house. Yesterday, Sis and I played 3 rounds of Smashup and I won, best out of 3! I can count on my fingers the number of times I have beat my sister at any games in our lives, so that was awesome. I got to be Ghost Aliens and Steampunk Robots and Shapeshifting Minions of Cthulhu.

Also, on Saturday, we had Geek Cousin and his girlfriend over. We played this one roleplay tabletop game where we had to fight off the bad guys and my character was a cyber-punk Eddie Redmayne. (I swear, that’s who he looked like!) GC’s character died and he told us we had to flee and I was all, “Fuck that, let’s fight to the end!” and he was like, "No, really, it’s in the rules, if one person dies, you have to flee.” I was like, "What kind of fellowship is this? What if when Boromir died Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli had just been like, ‘Oh well,’ and run away?!” So we ran and then GF died and GC was like, “You don’t escape, game over,” and again I was like, “What? No! Sorry, but we just leave her body behind and keep running,” and he was like, “Again, it’s in the rules, if one of you dies while fleeing, the game is over.” What kind of game is this?!

We also played this game called Geek Out which is AWESOME and we plan on buying it for ourselves. In it you get cards like, ‘Name 3 Avengers,’ and then your team gets to say, “Yes, we can do that,” and then the other team gets to outbid you, “Well, we can name 4,” and then you can counter, “We can name 5,” etc, until someone calls the other team’s bluff and then you have to name whatever you bid. Name 3 movies where a child is sucked into an alternate reality. Name 6 movies about alien invasions. Name 3 books about horses. Name 5 songs with Hell in the title. Etc. One of the things we got was name 6 Walking Dead characters. My sister and I kept outbidding each other until finally she called me at 26 characters and I had to do it. It was easy. I was only halfway through the characters in my head when I hit 26!

So I’m wondering, for my Walking Dead peeps, how many characters can you name? No cheating! I trust you not to look it up on IMDB. The person who names the most characters gets a TWD fic from me, how’s that? Name as many TWD characters as you can - Go!