March 5th, 2015

the a-team

The Culmination Of My Existence.

Here are two things you all might not know about me: My first fandom, at age 6, was The A-Team. I have a lot of feelings about this show. Like, a lot. I wrote my first fanfic for The A-Team, again, at age 6. I have a bunch of A-Team hats and I wore a bomber jacket for years because of Murdock. I love The A-Team. The original A-Team. Okay. Secondly, do you all remember like 15 some years ago when 7UP had those commercials for ‘Make 7UP yours’? And Orlando Jones was the 7UP guy? Yeah, I had such a crush on him from those ads. No one was allowed to talk when a 7UP commercial came on. All my friends thought I was very strange, being in love with that dude from the 7UP commercials. Yeah, I’ve been crushing on Orlando Jones ever since.

Last night - through the magic of the internet, specifically Tumblr - two of my fannish worlds collided. In the best way. Orlando Jones made an A-Team/Sleepy Hollow post and I reblogged it with some added comments. And then…he ‘liked’ my comments. And now my life is complete. This is the culmination of my crush, of my fannish existence, of my life, and from this day forward, everything else that happens to me, every day from now on, is just the whipped cream and cherry on top of my beautiful life-sundae.

No, I am not being over-dramatic about it. The A-Team meets Orlando Jones in something that was kind of, almost, an interaction with me and now my life has reached a beautiful peak of unicorns and fireworks, of soldiers of fortune and 7UP.

That is all.