April 14th, 2015


They Have Breeched The Walls!

So this has been going around on Tumblr, but for those of you that aren't on Tumblr, I thought I'd give you a heads up. This website, ebooks-trees, has been using a bot to randomly and rapidly steal fics archived at AO3 and other places. Without permission. And then making money off those fics through the advertisements they sell there and, though they claim to be a free site, demanding your credit card to set up an account. Which means not only are they taking our fics without permission, but they are making money off of the work we did. Last night I checked out the people I follow on AO3 and almost every single one had multiple fics stolen. Though thankfully not any of my own, they did steal the podfic my sister did of my fic, Baggins Books. (dugindeep, you had 12 fics up there last night, though they seem to have been taken down now). There was lots of info going around about how to demand your stuff be taken down and they must have gotten slammed with emails last night, because as of this afternoon, most of my friends' works have been removed. (lindahoyland, as of last check, you still had one fic remaining). I just feel like it's completely against fandom and internet etiquette to repost others' works without their permission and certainly to make money off someone else's works. What bullshit. As I said, it's mostly resolved now, but if you want to follow a good place that is keeping updated on it, go here or here.

And now, to promote some good stuff in fandom, have some fic recs. Collapse )

And since we are on the subject of fandom, what do you all think I should do for my 5 year LJ anniversary, coming up in May? Some sort of special post I can make? Did any of you celebrate your five years on LJ?