May 12th, 2015


For A Tuesday.

Well, it's Tuesday and I try to post every Tuesday, but I still haven't uploaded my pictures from this weekend to my desktop - (for some reason I can't upload from my IPad to my LJ Scrapbook, IDEK, but I have to put them on my desktop and then to my scrapbook from there). So I am still not posting about my weekend excursion yet, omg. I was going to do all that tonight, but then my sister had some of her awesome geeky coworkers over to meet the new kitten because everyday when I send her pictures of what Hiccup is doing while she is at work, she will show them to all the peeps in the office and apparently two of the girls couldn't stand it and wanted to come over and see him in person. Sis cooked burgers and one of the girls brought cheesecake - (I had a wonderfully delicious piece of raspberry cheesecake) - and we all visited and played with the cats.

I was too tired after that to do much of anything, except watch some Mad Men. I can't even fathom how they plan on wrapping everything up on that show in just one episode. I mean, what is Don's ending going to be? I am also excited for the season finale of Reign, as the last episode ended on such an exciting note. I am less jazzed about AOS's finale tonight, as it has felt kind of uneven and I have not liked the Shield 2 storyline very much. I get the feeling they are doing another reboot, like they did after Capatin America 2 came out. It worked well the first time, but Idk if it can work again. Then again AoS is one of those shows that goes out with a bang and leaves you gaping, so we'll see. I have finally gotten going on Agent Carter and have one episode left and am super psyched now that Sousa and Thompson are onboard with Team Carter and that things are coming to a major head and everything has just gotten super exciting. I am really, really in love with this show and these characters and my crush on Peggy Carter had grown in leaps and bounds. I was quite bored with the first CA movie - ( I know, not a popular opinion, though I adored the second one a lot) - but I was all about Peggy Carter in that movie, and it seems I still am. More so even.

Okay, I guess that's all for a Tuesday. See the doctor tomorrow, going to see what we can make of my low stamina levels. An easy fix would be nice, but a diagnosis would at least be something.