May 19th, 2015


Life Happens.

OMG, I have so many comments to catch up on and I was gonna do it today, I swear, but...then I didn't. It's been a crazy few days. On Friday I had one of the worst flares I've had in a long time, like almost went to the ER, took an entire pain pill, kind of thing. Made it through that, still felt pretty bad on Saturday, but went to see Pitch Perfect 2 - (so much fun, you guys!) - and then came home and got right into bed. Been watching a lot of baseball since it's on and I'm immobile, more or less. (Tigers are doing pretty damn good this season!). Sunday felt better and then bam...started my Awesome Time Of Month, which actually probably explains the flare up being extra bad. Then on Monday I had both PT and counseling and today I had a meeting with my social worker. I swear, being disabled is a full time job.

Also yesterday, my sister took off work to watch my brother's kids so he could have an emergency appointment and testing with his rheumatologist because he is having groin pain bad enough that he thought he needed to go to the ER. But his doctor just wanted him to come to the clinic. I guess they are worried it may be a kidney infection, IDEK. He couldn't even stand up. The kids were happy though - The Nephew got to miss school and they both got to play in the wading pool with my sister. Docs are sending my brother for a bazillion tests this week, like today and tomorrow, no waiting cuz they are worried and he is in pain and not really able to care for his daughter, which he needs to be able to do. I'm not overly worried that they will find something terribly wrong, but I do want him to feel better - he has too much on his plate to be dealing with this.

So, yeah, crazy week, but for the next two days I am just trying to take it easy and save my energy for my birthday trip to the zoo on Friday! So if I do get around to comments, it'll be from a spot on the couch!