June 26th, 2015

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History Is Made Today!

Now this is a great day! I am so thrilled! I never thought this would happen. I never thought I would see my home-state, Michigan, have marriage equality. I never thought I would see this country have marriage equality. And now we do! I am so happy for all my friends whose state marriages will be recognized everywhere. And for myself and every lgbtqa person who can now marry freely in this country, whomever they love. (not that I ever plan to get married, unless Enrique Murciano or Chad Michael Murray come calling, which don't require a Supreme Court ruling, but still, you never know!) I love looking at the pictures of all the celebrations and the two elderly men who have been together over 50 years and are now married, the man who was one of the people involved in the case who now has the right to be on his spouse's death certificate, all of the people whose dreams got recognized today and the generations to come who will never be denied the right to love who they want. Also, Joe Biden, wearing a pride flag as a cape and running through the halls of The White House high-fiving everyone. It's a great day!

Love Wins!
More pics here!

Celebrate tonight, keep fighting tomorrow!