July 26th, 2015

chuck shurley

20 First Lines Meme.

Saw one of those memes going around - “Post the first line/paragraph of your last 20 fics.” I never post in the order that I write - my organization is mayhem - but I have this folder of finished fics that are just waiting for a final read-thru and some header info and I happen to have 20 fics in there, so that’s where I’m pulling these lines from. Eventually, I might get around to posting the stories themselves!

Jared was a pretty good roommate, Jensen had to admit that. He hung up his bathroom towels and rinsed off his dirty dishes and most importantly, he took Jensen to parties that had liquor - the good kind, not the piss-water beer Jensen’s friends always served.

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I may have had to re-read some of these as I was doing this meme. Like idk what it says about me, but I really like my own stories a lot. Have a go, if you like!