August 10th, 2015

the daily show

Thank You, Jon. Thank You.

It has come to an end. My sister and I just finished watching Jon Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show. I am just going to lay here and be sad for awhile. When all the correspondents came out on stage to hug him, I lost my shit. OMG, so many old faces too, like Wyatt Cenac, Ed Helms, Mo Rocca, Steve Carell and the Corddry brothers. And when Colbert went off-script and Jon was crying and begging him not to go there, but of course, Stephen had to say his piece, for all of us. Also, we got to see Chuck, at long last. And The Daily Show dogs. And Jon's kids - ugh, when he thanked his wife and kids and was like, "I'm not gonna look over at them though, or I'll lose it." OMG. Also, who saw the Arby's' tribute to Jon on the second to last episode? Salute, Arby's, salute.

I am so happy for him that he is moving on to something else. I won't say this is the wrong choice for him or the show, because I don't think it is - (though I can't believe he's leaving before the next presidential election!). I think it is wonderful that he is going to help his wife run an animal preserve and I know it is her passion and it is wonderful that they can do this together, as a family, but I feel like there will be a hole missing in America, a social conscious that we all need. I was 20 years old when Jon started on The Daily Show. I had watched it during the Kilborn years, here and there, when I had cable and I liked Kilborn, but when Jon came along, it became something different, something eye-opening. From age 20 to 37, Jon Stewart has been in my life. He helped shape my generation. He helped shape me. There is a part of who I am, who I grew into, as an adult, an aware, active, conscious part of me that was shaped by Jon Stewart and he'll never know - or accept - what an impact he and the show had on me as a person.

Jon Stewart is going to live on a farm in New Jersey. And I know - unlike when someone says this about your missing pet - it doesn't mean he is dying. I know he will probably be around from time to time, in our eyeline. And I know the show will live on too. But for right now, I will lay here and be sad for awhile that my defining years are behind me - if not grateful that Jon was there to guide me through them.