September 2nd, 2015


It Just Keeps Going.

How come every time I post lately, it’s about a crisis? With my family.

So, my mom had an arrhythmia before her shoulder surgery - which went well, by the way, her new shoulder joint is in! - but the cardiologist cleared her for the surgery, said it was all from pain. Sounded reasonable, figured he did some tests to confirm that. She was very altered after the surgery, kept saying the room looked like a spaceship and everything was sparkly. Could have been from the drugs or because she just had major surgery.

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She is a lot less altered now, seems aware of what is happening, says she understands she may not make it through this and that if she does, there is a good chance she may not get to go home again. I guess there is nothing more to do. I am not sure waiting is the best option, but I am also not sure there is a best option. So…we wait.