September 10th, 2015

jared padalecki


We're getting a dog! No, not Violet the French Bulldog pup my sister still dreams of, even though it's maybe morally objectionable, but awfully cute. My mom's dog, Winston, to be exact. Winston was staying with my aunt after my mom broke her shoulder, when it looked like it would be a few weeks, but now that she has had the heart attacks and will be in rehab, surgery, recovery, etc for several months, some changes had to be made.

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Our aunt is worried that taking Winston will be taking on too much when we already have so much on our plate with Mom as it is, but somehow having him here puts us at ease more than it adds to our plate. IDK, I am bit worried about how it will change the structure and dynamics of the household, but also excited because he is a good boy and I can really help by being here with him all day and yeah, it's not the dog we would have picked for ourselves, but he's a lovable happy affectionate dog and Mom is so happy he will be here and I can send her pictures and videos all the time and they can Facetime together through our Ipads and IDK, it'll just be nice to have him. He's a good boy.