October 10th, 2015


One Step Forward.

I just realized that it is October 10th and I haven't posted yet this month. It's not because I don't have things to say! Or because I don't have the energy to say them! It's just that my energy is getting sapped by other things, mostly Mom-stress.

I will say, I saw the pain doctor that my little brother sees for his fibromyalgia - and that he swears by - and she was A-mazing. She really listened to me and came up with a game plan and if that game plan didn't work, she came up with a backup game plan. One thing was to try a new medicine. She gave me the 'test' for fibro, after I described my pain in a way that was reminscent of her fibro patients. The 'test' is basically just pushing on various pressure points for your nerves and seeing how you react. I reacted in pain with every single pressure point. Because of my arthritis, they can't really accurately diagnose me with fibromyalgia, but that's okay, because they are going to treat it as if it is and started me on a medicine for fibro - (also that my brother takes and swears by). If you could marry a medicine, I'd marry this one. My arthritis pain is still here, obvs, but that all over 'buzzing electricity' pain is like 85% gone and my energy is way up.

We ran errands last Friday to like the bank, the store, to visit mom, to the pet store with the dog - and it was ridiculous, but I was having such a good time, because I felt good. Just running errands is such a novel idea to me these days, like doing more than one thing in a day, let alone in a row. And we were joking and laughing and being silly while we were doing it, just Sis and I enjoying each other - though we were super sad that BFF couldn't come down cuz she was sick, we lamented it all night, no, really - and idk, it just felt weird to be that energized, even though I was exhausted and hurting afterwards, it was a hundred times better than I have been in a long time.

Mom is not doing well, but we'll touch on that some other day and hopefully there'll be more time next post to talk about The Nephew! But anyways, there's the health update I've been promising you - awesome new doctor and awesome new meds!