January 4th, 2016


Words Written In 2015!

So, here are my totals for last year. My goal was initially to do 500 words a day. Then I cut it down to 1,000 words a week. Most months I didn’t make that goal, especially in the last six months of the year when word count production was cut in thirds due to stress and like no free time for myself. Also, I am just ridiculously amused that my highest fandom total was for SPN. Like, I don’t even go there anymore! It’s Dean/Cas, they won’t let me go! And, yes, 8 ½ fics completed totally makes sense because I wrote a chapter of a book that I hope to continue on writing this year and actually finishing. It was an idea that my grandma put to me and I laughed it off and she called me out and demanded I write it. So I wrote her a chapter for her Christmas present. Which I count as the ½. I finished the chapter in time for Christmas, but I have not finished the book. Thus, the ½. Hopefully, I’ll keep at that one.

So, here are some numbers:

Words Written In 2015!

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January had my highest monthly count at 6,650 words.
September had my lowest monthly count at 450 words.
Supernatural had my highest fandom count at 13,330 words.
Leverage had my lowest fandom count at 250 words.
11 Fandoms written in.
16 Fics worked on.
8 1/2 Fics completed.
13 Fics posted.
23,600 words written in the first six months of 2015.
8,450 words written in the last six months of 2015.

32,050 total words written in 2015!

So, how’d you all do this past year with writing and posting?