February 7th, 2016


My Current TV Time.

So, Sis and I just came up with a game plan for our TV watching. We just finished the first half of Sleepy Hollow's current season. Next we are watching The Guild, before Netflix drops it at the end of the month. Sis has seen it before, but I haven't and she wants to watch it again. Then we are watching the last half of the last season (sobsobsob) of Lost Girl. It just came back for the final eps, but we are gonna let it stack up, so we can get to The Guild. After Lost Girl, we'll watch the second half of Sleepy Hollow. And also, in there we'll watch Agents of Shield, but we will watch that as it airs. I need to keep up with it, because The Canadian Brother calls me every Sunday to talk about it. We'll watch The Walking Dead each week, once that comes back. And we watch Arrow each week with The BFF. Plus, Hoarders, which we do both episodes the day after they air. If she could stay up late enough, we'd watch them in real time, because it's my sister's (oddly) comfort show. And we watch The Nightly Show as well.

For me, I still have shows stacked up, too many to count, so I shouldn't be trying new shows, like Legends of Tomorrow, and I still haven't decided for sure to stick with it but the second ep the team really gelled a lot more, so for now, I am watching that. I also watch The Flash (with The BFF), The Fosters, Reign, Tiny House Hunters and Legends of Tomorrow. I just finished the last and final season of Legend of Korra (who wants to talk about that with me?!) so I can add one other show this week. I'm holding onto Teen Wolf and Colony, gonna let them stack up, but I need to watch either Agent Carter or The X-Files. (Sis is watching The XFiles too, but we don't watch together because she has too many feelings and is waaaaay too overstimulated. I'm not even allowed to talk about it with her because her face goes all red and she has to run out of the room. I'm not mocking, I understand, but this means I haven't gotten around to starting it). I also need to get caught up on my stacked up Hawaii Five-O, Chicago Fire, Law & Order SVU, Gotham & s2 of The Strain (I LOVED s1). Plus, I really want to watch s1 of 12 Monkeys again. We just watched the original movie and it has made me want the TV show again. Also, my current nighttime/in-bed Netflix show is Dance Academy's s2.

So, while we are talking about TV, have any of you tried the new show You, Me & The Apocalypse? Sis is interested and I remember being a little interested too when I heard of it, but I got so behind on TV that I cut it off the list. I know it already started, but we can catch up, if anyone thinks it's worth it. Anyone? But yeah, if you add it up, it's about a dozen shows at any give time for me, which I realize is a hella lot, but whatevs.