February 29th, 2016


Oh, What A Morning!

It was a crazy ass day! Sis woke me up at 6am to ask if I smelled something burning. It did smell a little weird in my room, but not like burning. I went to the kitchen and I didn't smell anything at all there. She wanted to stay home from work, thought something was wrong. I told her staying home from work because you smell something weird is a lame excuse for a sick day. So she goes. I go back to sleep. Hard. I'd taken a muscle relaxer the night before along with my regular sleepy meds because I felt so awful Sunday night and thought I was coming down with something, so I'm out hard.

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It didn't even cost $200 though, so that's good. And the house didn't burn down. No one died of gas inhalation. It's all good. The house still smells and we have to get a new furnace and I am pretty sure I have a UTI, but Sis didn't come home to find firemen carrying me out along with five dead animals, so she's calling today a win!