July 31st, 2016


Writing - The First 6 Months.

So, at the beginning of the year, I had this wacky goal in my head that I would reach 100k again this year, like I did once, about three years ago. I was determined! The madness with my mother was dwindling - ahaha, I was so naive - and I would get back to writing! Well...that didn't happen quite so much as I had hoped. But, I am working steadily on my original books and still have some fanfic to show for it - (plus, of course, the multitude of fics I haven't even gotten around to posting yet. I could focus on original stuff for the next five years and still keep putting up a steady stream of fanfic on here and not even run out, I swear). Here we go...the first six months of 2016:

7,750 words in January.
5,650 words in February.
4,850 words in March.
6,250 words in April.
4,700 words in May.
3,000 words in June.

32,200 words written in the first six months of 2016! (Well, better than I thought!)

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11,500 of that total is for the book of short stories about various family pets - (I have a chapter to share with you guys, so you can get a feel for what I've been working on) - as requested by my grandma. So, yeah, that was my writing thus far. July went a very tiny amount better than June, but I've been reorganizing my room this month, so once that's done in a week or so here, I should be back to writing more often. I hope!