November 6th, 2016

jared padalecki

The Fantastic Adventures Of Winston The Dog!

First, let me tell you what happened Thursday night. Sis let Winston out to pee around 9. He’s been barking up a storm at something in the backyard the last few weeks and lo, he found it on Thursday. He comes in the house and Sis says, “Hey, he stinks. I think he got hit by a skunk.” At the same time, he is running into my room. So I yell, “Don’t let him in my bed, don’t let him in my bed.” He jumps in my bed anyway and rolls around on my covers. And boy, oh boy, does he stink! He definitely got hit by a skunk.

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I just can’t believe he ran away and came home to us! We don’t live too far from a main road either, so I am glad he had a little adventure, but then came home. My puppy!