March 8th, 2017


Conversations With A Kid.

This past weekend, I had The Nephew in for a play-date. He had asked earlier, when they had a long weekend from school, but his behavior hadn’t been good and his parents said ‘no’. Which meant I got punished too, dammit. But I finally got him this past weekend.

So, okay, whenever I play board-games or tabletops with my sister, she always wins. So I asked TN to play Risk - (we have LotR and Dr. Who, he picked Dr. Who) - and form an alliance to kick Sis’ butt. I helped him make strategic moves and explained to him why they were strategic, to help get his brain thinking that way. When she realized she was done for, my sister went hardcore and just started a slaughter across the board. She adopted a maniacal laugh that was pretty creepy, tbh. After we wiped her out, we went against each other, but I still kept giving him pointers, because 2-player is what he usually plays with his friend and I wanted him to have some good tips to kick that kid’s butt! Cuz I’m a good aunt like that.

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Also, he was selected to represent his school in the county’s academic Quizbowl tournament this weekend! I love my little man so much and I’m so proud of him!