July 18th, 2017


For The Dead.

I was about 12 when I first saw Night Of The Living Dead. My love for movie makeup & horror blossomed there. I thought of that movie every time I made little short horror films with my friends & video camera. I was in high school before I understood the significance of the main character being black, making it to the end and then being shot dead. I made my little brother listen to me meta about it for days. I was struck so hard. I even owned the two tape special-edition VHS with the Night Of The Living Bread college student parody short film on it. It feels cliche to note only Night of the Living Dead, it certainly isn't his only work to praise, but it inspired me, meant something important to me.

Thank you, Mr. Romero. You gave inspiration to an 18 year old with a handheld video camera and some used Halloween makeup.

May you rest in peace. Or not, if you prefer.

Also, to Martin Landau. He was an award-winning actor whose career spanned stage, movie and TV. But what I'll remember him for was his small guest stint on Without A Trace as Jack's dad. The character was suffering from early stage dementia and organ failure and Jack wanted him to fight. He had to have the talk, the one I expect to have to give someday, the "I know you love me so do this for me and let me go" talk. It hit me, hard. It was moving. He was nominated for an Emmy for that role.

At any rate, I've heard what actors want is to have one moment where they change someone's life with their stories. It didn't so much change my life, as help me feel like I was being given permission to one day, when it really does get too much, when my body has failed and my liver is going, to just let go.

Thank you, Mr. Landau. Rest now.

My dad says he's getting tired of checking the headlines everyday, it's as bad as checking the obituaries, his childhood idols keep passing on. I'm starting to feel that way too.

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