July 25th, 2017


Summer Fun, Geek Style.

So, at the end of June, The Nephew came to stay, so he could go to daycamp near where Sis works. She dropped off/picked up every day and in the evenings, I was on auntie-duty. We mostly watched The Flash together, as he is just getting into it. His daycamp was at the YMCA and was Extreme Sports Camp. They did some tightrope walking, swimming, rock climbing, various forms of dodgeball-ish games. And he learned to rollerblade. He loves it! Too bad he lives in the country and has no concrete. If they end up moving to town, I’m going to buy him a pair, first thing.

This week he came back for Wet & Wild camp, which is all water play. He was excited and hoping they’d get to rollerblade again, which they have. They also went swimming, played water-relay games and water balloon baseball. Today they went to the big aquatic center pool, that has slides and diving boards, plus a drop slide. We got online last night to look at pictures and he got pretty excited.

While he was here, we also played more on our D&D game, that he has been playing for a year now! And we introduced him to Dead Of Winter, that Geek Cousin turned us onto, which is a zombie survival game. You work as a team, but also have individual goals. You can search and fight zombies, but you always risk being bit and spreading the infection to others. There are a good 50 characters you can choose from. It’s a load of fun!

At Motor City Comic Con we went to a tabletop booth, where I told the guy about our campaign last year with all the kids and how the nephews sliced open the dragon’s belly and crawled inside to attack him from his bowels, and the dude was laughing and telling me, “You’ve got a great generation of gamers coming up there.” Then he sold us on a D&D style Star Wars game, that he thought The Nephew was the right age for. We had Canadian Brother - who I played D&D with as a kid - Sis, Geek Cousin, me and TN. Before this TN’d only ever played solo campaigns or with the younger kids. This time he got to play with the big boys! CBro decided to turn on this jerk character we were suppose to be getting info from and just kill him. Geek Cousin joined him, so I banned them to the back of the ship, as I was game-master. TN thought that was hysterical, but he was also fascinated in watching the various ways you could go outside campaign perimeters. We stopped once we escaped Jakku, but there was more to do, so we want to play the rest later. I had to explain to Sis that you keep your character throughout all the campaigns, for years sometimes, until they die. So, no, we couldn’t let someone else play CBro’s guy, we’d just have to say we dropped him off somewhere.

Anyway, if you were wondering how The Nephew's - and my own - summer is going, that’s just a taste. Wait until I tell you about The Canadians’ visit!

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