September 22nd, 2017


Oh Mist Rolling In From The Sea.

My mother passed away yesterday afternoon. I am told it was peaceful, that her breathing just slowed and then she was gone. My siblings and the aunt that was my mom's best friend were all with her at the end.

My mother was an amazing person. She had her ups and downs, but she gave me so many great gifts in this life. Despite our struggles at times, she was my mom and there will forever be an empty place in my life where she used to be. My sister put up a post on Facebook yesterday and in it she said, "I'll miss you, Mom. We promise to take care of each other." I will uphold this promise for my mom.

Back when I was about 11 or so, my mom was learning to play the guitar, and one of the first songs she learned was Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney. She used to practice it at night and I'd crawl into her bed and listen to her play. When I was sick, she'd come into my room and play it for me to help lull me into sleep. I'll use some of those lyrics now to send her to her rest.

Smiles in the sunshine
And tears in the rain
Still take me back to where my memories remain
Flickering embers growing higher and higher
As they carry me back to the mull of kintyre

sc0066c291.jpg OvertheHill.jpg

Sue Kay 09/11/1948 - 09/21/2017

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