September 3rd, 2018

star wars

Star Wars At DIA!

So yesterday Sis & The BFF & I all went to the Detroit Institute of Arts to see a Star Wars costume exhibit. It was the real costumes from the real movies! The lightsabers in that one pic actually had buttons you could push to make them light up. And look how freaky the Emperor’s costume looks. There were more than costumes, it had lots of info & draft sketches of concept art - you see there is one of Darth Maul that is creepy af & later there are 2 different concepts for Chewbacca I took shots of. Speaking of Chewie, his costume was made of yak hair and it was so warm in there they had to put a cooling system inside the costume to keep him from getting heat stroke.

For Princess Leia’s original white costume, they wanted her to symbolize royalty & purity, but in an accessible way that made her ‘one of the people’ not ‘above the people’. There were a set of green robes that were Bail Organa’s in the prequels and I can see where they were making him look royal, but again not too far above the people. But then for Queen Amidala’s robes, they were suppose to be very regal and elegant and absolutely symbolize her position above the people. But they did start to soften her in the second movie - as she and Anakin fell in love, as he gained emotional intimacy with her - they wanted the audience to feel that intimacy as well. There were so many details on her outfits too, that you will never notice when it’s on screen, but that they put on her gowns anyways. (I’m not a fan of the prequels *at all*, but I do love the costuming for Queen Amidala). For Leia’s hair, they actually did that with her own hair, but it took 2 hours and any time it came undone, they had to halt filming. So when they did Queen Amidala’s hair in the prequels, they just went with a hair piece, lol. Also, I love the boots on Leia’s bikini outfit.

For the droids they just used spare metal trash, any found objects they could, but Lucas wanted each object to be something, not just there for show, but if you were to ask, “What’s this do?” you could get an answer - even if it was non-functional in reality, it was meant to be something on the droids. Also, BB8 is bigger than expected. And somewhere in there you can see the sand-people. Note how there is a costume for a male sand-person & one for a female sand-person. They put a lot of thought into each costume, and for these they worked on what would protect these creatures from the sand, sun & sandstorms, so the costumes were realistic for the setting. I tried to talk the girls into a photo of us all with Yoda, but they are spoil sports!

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The exhibit had crazy lines - thank goodness we bought tickets ahead of time, but we still had to wait in several lines - but it only took us a half hour to get in and once inside, it didn’t feel crowded at all. It was all accessible and relaxing and a great nerdy afternoon with my girls!

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