December 15th, 2018


So...Part 2: The Recovery.

So, post-surgery, the first 24 hours home are awful. So much pain, can’t sleep, can barely move on my own. Well, because in the hospital I was on 75mg of Oxy - yes, Oxy. I know, a dangerous road for me. “Use it, don’t abuse it,” I keep saying to myself - and yet they only sent me home with 150mg to last 10 days until I see the dr. How could I make that last? So I wasn’t allowing myself enough & it was sending me on a path that would lead right back to the hospital. My arthritis pain alone just from being 95% bed-bound for 4 days was off the charts. So I came home the day after Thanksgiving & by Saturday night, I gave in & called the on-call line. I luckily got a resident dr who saw me in the hospital & was like, “No, no, take whatever you need, we will get you more. We got you on this.” So glad he recognized that one size fits all does not fit *me*.

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So yeah, a few rough days to start, some nerve issues I could live without, losing stamina from being bed-bound, and some worry over my liver - but the hip itself...Doing great! Strength coming back, mobility increasing, wound healing over nicely. I have pics of my leg with the staples in and then an after-shot of when they were taken out - if anyone’s interested, it’s gross but cool, I could post the pics, they were a huge hit with the niblings. Currently the biggest issue is that I’m feeling well enough to be tired of being tired and edging on bored. I have lots to do, but not quite the brain power to do it just yet. So I’ve been rewatching Parks & Rec and Numb3rs and reading easy to digest fanfic. That is what has been going on with me! (Thanks for hanging in on these long posts).

How are all of you? Tell me something about what’s up with you!

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