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Hey, Dodger, Why Do You Keep Insisting That Jensen Is In A Boy Band?

I Have Fic Rec - Yes I Do!

So, my sister's better half (have you all figured this one out yet?) - allamboy, wrote this story for the spn_j2 big bang last year.

Jensen and Jared work for the Disney Channel. Jensen is in a boy band called "5 X Everything" - or, for us true fangirls who have BOP magazine cut-outs of the band all over our walls and trapper keepers and keychains and our Disney Channel Summer Tour T-Shirts - it's simply "5xE". He is joined in the band by Tommy Welling, Christian Kane, Steve Carlson & Michael Rosenbaum. OMG, you guys, they are soooo cute together!! Isn't it awesome how they are all friends with each other in RL?

Jared is in the Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club with Chad Michael Murray, Alexis Bledel and the entire cast of The CW's Reaper and 90210. God, AnnaLynne is such a skank, you guys, omg. But Bret & Tyler are so squishy cute, I squish them! And did you see when Chad and Jared went to Disney Land together, omg!

Pretty much, around FanGirl Central, we have forgotten that this isn't real - because, YES IT IS! And, also, it's fun.

Whenever I am talking about The CW actors, I kind of trail off into talking about The Mickey Mouse Club or 5xE. So my sister says, "Do your CW RPS friends ever get confused when you say things about Jensen being on the summer tour with his boy band?" and I was like, "Um, no, I'm sure I recced it to them all at some point or another."

But then I got to thinking, how many of you have I actually recced this story too?

So, here, Live & On Stage - it's PG-13, and though it is long, it is a pretty easy read. It's sweet and adorable. It has a ton of our favorite characters. And these lovely little snippets of some junior high school girls squeeing everywhere about the latest Disney Channel gossip thrown in throughout each chapter.

Read It! There's art, a podfic and a soundtrack too!

It's hard to pick an excerpt - omg, you guys, I wanted the scene at the restaurant but I couldn't even pick a section from that one scene! Dammit!

Jared totally did not find himself looking for Jensen backstage. Or in the parking lot when the buses were loading.

He also totally did not go online and confirm that Jensen didn’t have a girlfriend or seem to have ever had a girlfriend.

He completely did not find out that 5X Everything had all gone on vacation to Hawaii to surf together earlier in the year and he so did not have to admit to himself that Jensen looked pretty good in the paparazzi shots of him at the beach.

And he so would never put that story about Jensen spending a whole day at Disneyland with that little girl with cancer in his Favorites. If he had, that would be the stupidest, most girly thing he had ever done, and he had been known to do a lot of stupid and a lot of girly things.

Ever since that conversation with my sister last week, I've been thinking about reccing this. But now my LJ has informed me that it is allamboy's birthday on Wednesday. I know - I thought his birthday was in June too! I mean, my sister's birthday is in June and aren't they the same person? But apparently Jason is special and gets to share a birthday with Frodo and Bilbo. Whatever. /eyeroll/ Anyway...

And for those of you who are bemoaning that Misha isn't in this story, may I suggest allamboy's story - Dem Bones, wherein Misha breaks his arm, so...Castiel has to break his arm too? But he's an Angel! Good job, Misha!

“Castiel,” Misha pondered.

“Yeah,” Jensen said, wincing at the sight of the hand. “Because, you know, angels don’t break their arms.”

“Ooohhh,” Misha said in sudden comprehension, because he’d forgotten that if his hand was broken, Castiel’s would be too. “Poor angel,” he said, and shut his eyes.

I think that's all for now. :) I have to go eat dinner with my sister and her better half.
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