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23 January 2019 @ 03:20 pm
Hey, gang! Just want to take a moment to promote my book, "Terrific Tails: Stories From A Pet Guardian", a project I’ve been working on for over 3 years. It is currently out in ebook format and will be out before the end of this month in paperback. And it’s not just this book either! There will be another book after this and one after that. Hopefully I can make a whole life long thing out of this! So, please, go to my professional Facebook page, “Westword Books”, and see what we – it’s become a family affair! – have to offer. All profits will go to various charities, so it’s for good causes too.

The first book is all about my family pets & there are adorable pictures included! Support a first-time author, good charities and a fun family project done all in my Grandma Ava’s memory - and at her insistence too, which is a whole story you can read about in the book! We also have a Twitter account, so follow us wherever you like. Three years worth of hard work is finally paying off – come see what we’ve got to show you!

Westword Books Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/westword.books

Westword Books Twitter - https://twitter.com/Westword_Books

You can also find me as “Adie Weston” @ Amazon.com

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