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09 April 2019 @ 09:10 pm
A week ago today I was on spring break with Sis & our friend [personal profile] hiyacynth, + her son Munchy P (8), & The Niece (6) & Nephew (nearly 13)...at Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, OH. I give GWL double thumbs up on both accessiblity & entertainment.

Once you are there, no reason to ever leave the resort the whole stay. The indoor water park has a pool, hot tubs for adults & kids, lily pad obstacle, clubhouse, gadget sprays that come on with pullies & levers, plus multiple water slides. Kept the kids entertained all day. The Niece insisted I “follow her!” so The Nephew pushed my wheelchair behind her while she pulled every lever to spray us! Also I definitely did the 700 gallon bucket dump. And I definitely screamed my whole way through it. And then I definitely got into the hot tub after that.

Under the cut for spaceage.Collapse )

So all in all, a great spring break with some of my fav peeps.

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