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10 April 2019 @ 09:23 pm
Posted this on FB today for National Sibling Day! That’s me with the bowl cut. It was 1986, don’t judge me! You could see what country kids we were - we came from farmers, after all. And that was our family dog, Mackinaw. He was a St Bernard mixed with a Siberian Husky - a Saint Husky, if you will. He was my little brother’s best friend. And see those stairs? There was a dirt hill leading up to our clubhouse & swing set in the backyard, and with my bad knees it was so hard for me as a little one to climb that hill - so Dad built me these steps, railing & all.

Just a glimpse into my childhood right here. I still love my siblings, they even irritate me a bit less than they did growing up! ;)

Happy National Sibling Day! Any of you got pics with your siblings?

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