February 25th, 2020

the hobbit

Talkin Bout My Girl.

I let the dog I babysat last week use the cat-video game on my phone, CatSnaps, which takes a selfie everytime they touch the moving mouse. She took 4 good pics outta 50, lol. But that’s true of all selfie taking, yeah? (The final 2 pics are ones I took). Her name is Cheena & she loves to fetch, loves it. Will play until one of us - her or me - passes out from exhaustion, lol. I introduced her to video games on my iPad a few years ago, I have a ton of games for the cats. After that first time, her dad texted me saying, “What did you teach my dog? I can’t get any work done...she thinks all screens are for video games now!”

I always tell Sis that if Cheena’s dad - who is Sis’ boss - dies, I will fight his sister in court for custody of Cheena! She’s my best girl! Diggle does not do bad with his jealousy, but he *will* take all the toys from her because, “These are my toys, Cheena. Even though I have never actually played with this spider toy before today, now that you have it, I want it. Bring your own toys, omg.” Fur!bbs are the best.

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