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To That Far Green Country.

I was sad to hear of Christopher Lee's passing. So rarely has a man made such a large impact on the film industry as Sir Christopher Lee. His life was lead to the fullest. He was an inspiration to seize the day. I went looking for some interesting facts about the man and found a great list of things in this article. To quote and summarize a few:

*He spent some time with the SAS, which was one of the first elite special forces units in modern warfare. While it would be fascinating to know exactly what he got up to, none of his actions have been unclassified to date, and the man himself will not elaborate on any details.
*Lee was quite young when he and a group met [JRR Tolkien] in a pub. He was also a little shocked to be in the presence of his hero, so he only said “How do you do?”
*Christopher Lee has recorded multiple heavy metal albums, apparently trying to surpass himself with each subsequent musical endeavor.
*Tenor Jussi Bjorling—one of the best opera singers in the world—wanted to nurture the young man’s natural talent and invited him to join the opera house permanently.
*Christopher Lee’s mother once woke her son in the middle of the night so he could meet some very bizarre guests—Prince Yusopov and another of the conspirators, Dmitri Pavlovich. [the murderers of Rasputin]
*Christopher Lee is a descendant of Charlemagne himself. His family is quite proud of the fact, still bearing the coat of arms to prove it.

Sir Christopher Lee, you now are immortal, on film and in our hearts.
Live well in your next great adventure.
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