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Help A Fangirl Out.

My longtime LJ friend, denyce, has suffered a family tragedy and lost her brother recently. She lost her mother a few years ago and her father is not in any sort of place to help her out much with the arrangements for her brother's cremation and memorial. She would also like to fly back home to the rest of her family and spend some time with them, grieving and celebrating her brother with those who loved him best. Unfortunately she never has much left over for herself after bills are paid and certainly not enough for this out-of-the-blue expense. So, to raise money, she has set up a GoFundMe page, as well as selling some of her brother's things. At present, she just has his DVD collection listed for sale, but intends on putting up more things, including some Star Trek merchandise that I know would interest some of you.

denyce is a total doll and always pops in with a kind word when I am having difficulties. I know some families can be full of nothing but emotional support and love, but unfortunately I know what it is like not to have that when you need it. I also know what it is like to get that support instead from friends and the fandom community. Which is why I am posting this here and asking you all to look over the items for sale or at the GoFundMe page or just drop a note of support in the post linked below. It would mean a lot to her, I know!

The items for sale are here and as she lists other things to sell, I will drop a link for those up on my LJ as well. Thanks for taking the time guys! You rock!
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