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Not That Cool, Dudes.

Can you believe I have been on LJ all this time and I have never sent them a complaint before? I once sent them a help-ask, but never a complaint. Can someone point me in the right direction to do that? I need to inform them how, every time they make a new 'update', it gets harder and harder for me to see. The background color and text font/color keep getting changed - (to look worse and more boring, imo) - and I have to blow my screen up bigger and bigger and even then, my eyes are straining. I changed my own journal and my Flist page back to look like my layout again, but can't get my inbox page to go back to the old version. I always view my LJ on my IPad these days and so it was converting it to this new 'improved' mobile layout. Yeah doucheholes, if I wanted a cheap, hard-to-see mobile viewing option, I'd look at LJ on my LJ-app! I don't though, because IT'S TOO HARD FOR ME TO SEE!! I always view on Safari, but even that was being affected by this new update. Now I have it mostly changed back, except for my inbox page, which I have to strain to read, thanks to the update, and I can't seem to find a way to change that page back to the old viewing system. Or when I view your individual pages either.

I also am not a fan of how the little inbox-icon is no longer at the top of my blog page, that I have to click a little dropdown menu just to see how many messages are waiting for me, but that's more a inconvenience and non-helpful change than the background/text thing, which I find really inaccessible for people with vision issues. I finally got used to Tumblr's inaccessible updates where all the menu buttons are so close together that my warped fingers keep accidentally 'reblogging' when I don't mean too and that I can't blow the page up as big to make tags anymore, so I strain my eyes and shit, but damn, LJ, why you gotta screw me over too? Don't do it because you want to be cool like Tumblr. Tumblr's not that cool.

Can anybody point me to where I can bitch and moan about how hard the new update is too see? Thanks!
Tags: asshats, douchebags, geek squad time, grumpy-face, lj stuffs, need your opinion/help - oh great flist, sick n tired, social issues, tumblr - why

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