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Great Scott!

If you've followed me for any time, you probably know I am a Detroit Tigers fan. But maybe you didn't know, that besides the Tigers, I will watch the NY Mets. They are my National League team and my New York team. And they play on TBS with enough regularity that I can catch a game or three a season. The Mets have been kind of the NY underdog, since the Yankees became the powerhouse that they are, and I like a good underdog.

So obviously, I was thrilled when the Mets made it to the playoffs this year. (The Tigers did not. Not even close. The Tigers were so far back they couldn't see the playoffs with a pair of binoculars.). So yeah, this year on the National League side, it's the Mets vs The Cubs. On the American League side - the league the Tigers are in - it is the Kansas City Royals vs the Toronto Blue Jays. I'm rooting for the Blue Jays in the ALS - it's been 20+ years since the Jays took a World Series win and anyways, my other choice is the Royals and they are the Tigers' division nemesis, I can't root for the Royals. I was really kind of hoping for a Mets/Blue Jays World Series.

But then I got to thinking - it's been over a hundred years since the Chicago Cubs won a World Series. The last time they took home the title was 1908. 1908. And then it was pointed out to me - by rockstarpeach - that in Back To The Future 2, they go forward to the year 2015 and the winners of the 2015 World Series are The Chicago Cubs. I'm sorry, I love my Mets, I do, but it was predestined by Back To The Future that the Cubs should win this thing this year. So, yeah, I changed my votes. I want a Cubs/Royals series and I want the Cubs to stomp the Royals and win the Series and I want Back To The Future to have been right all along, (And hey, in case you didn't realize, today, October the 21st, is the date they go forward to in BTTF2!)

Anyways, once I decided I wanted the Cubs to take the National League title from the Mets and go on to win this whole thing, of course the Mets then started stomping the Cubs and now I am in the middle of watching a game where if the Mets win it, they go on to the World Series and leave the Cubs in the dust and the Mets are way up on the Cubs right now and I don't see how Chicago can pull this out. Dammit, guys, as soon as I turn my back on my Mets for you, you can't deliver? Come on!

Anyways, I'll take anyone but the Royals at this point. And, per usual, as long as it isn't the fucking Yankees.

eta: The game is over. The Cubs lost. Sorry, Cubs. Maybe next year? THE METS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!! LET'S GO METS!!
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