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Halloweens Past.

Just a quick list of all my Halloween stories from years past. There will be a new one up tomorrow as well, a little Fic-For-Kids that I wrote for The Nephew last year, off his own prompt. I started a new one this year as well, a Monster Squad/SPN crossover. I made TN watch The Monster Squad with me this year - I watch it every Halloween now that I own the DVD - and he loved it and I thought it'd be cute to write a little fic for him. I only got 1k written on it and then the week kind of got away from me, but I definitely plan on finishing it and mailing it to him and then it'll probably go up here next year, lol. It seems I am a year behind on posting my Halloween fic. Anyways, here you go!

In reverse order:

Halloween, Interrupted - Peter/Mary Jane, G, Fic-For-Kids, Holiday, Humor

Avengers' Halloween 101: You’re Never Too Old - PG-13, Gen, Humor, Bruce+

The Door To Nowhere - R, Gen, Drama, Horror, Darcy, Pepper, Bruce & Tony

Where The Sidewalk Ends - Comedy Central RPF, PG-13, Angst, Drama, Gen, Jon & Stephen

Huh, apparently I didn't write a Halloween story the first year I was on LJ. Alrighty then, Happy Halloween, you guys!
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